Bourdon Moscato White蜜思嘉白酒

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Made from the Muscat grape from the  Murray Valley in Victoria, our Pink Moscato is beautifully fragrant with long length, good balance and acidity




This sparkling Moscato is a low alcohol wine with a refreshing finale. The sweet and light bodied palate shows green apple flavours with a lively acidity that uplifts the fruity flavour. This easy drinking wine is great wine for a warm summers day. A wine to enjoy, while supporting the Bumblebee.




Bumblebees are social insects that live in colonies and are important pollinators of our food plants. Bumblebees are endangered and their population is declining. Because they are essential pollinators, loss of Bumblebees can have far ranging ecological consequences. We donate part of our proceeds to the conservation of Bumblebees.



Food pairing

Our white moscato is perfect with appetizers and desserts, but also wonderfully balance  spicy dishes like curries, spicy spaghetti arrabbiata and hot foods from the Szechuan, Chinese and Vietnamese cuisine.