Isakomachi Shot Bar Cup Size 200ml

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This 13% alcohol concentration allows the fullest enjoyment of Isa Komachi’s aroma in a spirit that can be casually imbibed after chilling. Isa Komachi is clean, light, and relaxing. It pairs perfectly with dried fruit and other side dishes. Enjoy it however you like, including drizzling it over ice cream for an adult dessert.

在發展這燒酎同時,為迎合不同消費者需要,特別出輕口味,酒精度只13度,同時又能全面誘發燒酎獨特濃厚香甜,雪凍效果更佳。些款Shochu Girls 澄澈輕盈又放鬆,合適配襯乾果、雪榚等甜品,解放夏天!