Nagatoro Junmai Ginjo 長瀞 純米吟醸 300ml

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For yeast, we used" K-901 "and" Saitama F yeast "developed by Saitama Prefectural Industrial Technology Center Northern Research Institute. “Saitama F yeast” is a yeast that produces a large amount of ethyl caproate, which is also described as having a green apple-like scent. By blending with "K-901", which also has a lot of aroma components, it creates a subdued yet gorgeous appearance. As for the taste, it is a type that has a pleasant acidity that remains in the aftertaste while having umami. The scent is modest so as not to interfere with the meal, but also has the gorgeousness that makes you imagine melons and green apples. Junmai Ginjo Sake, which is the base of Nagatorogura in Saitama. Temperature range when drinking : 8-12 (after taking it out of the refrigerator for a while)

<長瀞 純米吟醸> 清酒:酵母使用了埼玉縣工業開發的“K-901”和“埼玉F酵母”。 “埼玉F酵母”是一種產生大量己酸乙酯的酵母,也被描述為具有青蘋果般的香味。通過其香氣成分和豐富的“K-901”混合,營造出柔和而華麗的外觀。至於味道,它是一種具有令人愉悅的酸度,並在具有鮮味的同時留有餘韻。香味適中,酒體平衡而不影響用餐味覺,但也有讓人聯想到瓜果青蘋果的華麗。飲用溫度範圍:8-12℃(從冰箱中取出一段時間後)