Nagatoro Junmaishu 長瀞 純米酒清酒 300ml

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Sake : Junmai sake that makes the most of the characteristics of" Sake Musashi, "which tends to have a lot of flavor. In addition, we used the bubble-free type “K-701” of Kyokai No.7, which has been loved by many breweries as a keynote yeast after the war. As for the taste, it has a strong acidity but a smooth mouthfeel. The aroma is mild and does not interfere with meals. Junmaishu, the base of Nagatorogura in Saitama. It is a standard sake that can enhance each other's umami without disturbing the meal. " Temperature range when drinking : Around 15~18(normal temperature) or around 45(熱燗)


長瀞 純米酒清酒 : 充分發揮“武藏清酒”的特點的純米酒,往往有很多味道。此外,我們使用了Kyokai No.7的無泡型酵母,它在戰後受到許多啤酒廠的喜愛,作為基調酵母。至於味道,它有很吸引的酸度,口感順滑,香氣溫和,酒體平衡而不干擾進餐。這是一種標準的清酒,可以在不打擾用餐的情況下增強彼此的鮮味。 " 飲用溫度範圍:15~18℃左右(常溫)或45℃左右(熱燗)