Nagatoro Sainokizuna Jumai Sikomi No.17 長瀞無濾過純米17號

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Sai-no-kizuna(彩のきずな) is an edible rice variety registered in 2014 by the Agriculture and Forestry Research Center of Saitama Prefecture.

It was born from a single plant that survived the heat wave of 2007, making it a heat-tolerant.

The rice has a high amylopectin content instead of a low amylose content, which makes it suitable for fermentation.



Natural water from the Kazabu area of Nagatoro-cho(長瀞町風布) is fetched by the brewery staff each time and used as brewing water. The water is medium-soft with just the right amount of minerals and is ideal for sake brewing, although it ferments slowly.



We chose K-901 yeast for this sake. This yeast was isolated from the Kumamoto "Kouro"(香露) brewery in 1953, and was the most commonly used yeast for brewing sake entered in sake competitions until the mid-1990s. Until the mid-1990s, it was the most commonly used yeast for ginjo sake. It tends to produce a rough sake suitable for ginjo brewing in warm regions. It is said that it is less acidic and produces more ethyl caproate than isoamyl acetate in its ginjo aroma.

The name "No. 17" comes from the fact that it was the 17th brew when the product was first developed.


No.17 是指酒造第17個匠研作品,因此而命名。


As for the taste, it keeps the umami and sweetness derived from "Sai no kizuna" and has a gorgeous aroma like apples and bananas, giving it a fresh taste.